Strategies to Enhance Local Government Finance in Nigeria




Infrastructural Development, Local Government, Mismanagement, Sources of Fund


This study adopted historical approach to political research and used secondary sources of information. This paper focuses on assessing financial challenges facing local governments in Nigeria. The study observed that insufficient allocation from the federation account, lack of effective revenue generation drive, mismanagement of funds, intrusion of the state government into local governments use of funds, amongst others are the major challenges confronting local governments. Nevertheless, if right strategies such as effective planning, accountability, transparency, curbing of financial mismanagement, sound business undertaking, increased fund allocation from federation account are adopted, local Government may be in better position to accelerate the pace of infrastructural development in Nigeria.

Author Biographies

Samuel Ugoh, University of Lagos

Department of Political Science

Kehinde Abiodun ISINKAYE, Olabisi Onabanjo University

Department of Political Science

Wilfred Ukpere, University of Johannesburg

Industrial Psychology and People Management


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