Eigenvector space model to capture features of documents


  • Choi DONGJIN Department of Computer Engineering Chosun University Gwangju, South Korea
  • Kim PANKOO Department of Computer Engineering Chosun University Gwangju, South Korea


eigenvector, Vector Space Model, Natural Language Processing, document analyzing, Information Retrieval, text mining


Eigenvectors are a special set of vectors associated with a linear system of equations. Because of the special property of eigenvector, it has been used a lot for computer vision area. When the eigenvector is applied to information retrieval field, it is possible to obtain properties of documents data corpus. To capture properties of given documents, this paper conducted simple experiments to prove the eigenvector is also possible to use in document analysis. For the experiment, we use short abstract document of Wikipedia provided by DBpedia as a document corpus. To build an original square matrix, the most popular method named tf-idf measurement will be used. After calculating the eigenvectors of original matrix, each vector will be plotted into 3D graph to find what the eigenvector means in document processing. 


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