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Expanding economic relations and creating an international business environment, international business and the internationalization of the commercial transactions across national borders have become a prerequisite for companies, regardless of the activity they carry. Thus, internationalization is seen as a set of strategic methods, techniques and tools necessary to the companies to function abroad. As the effects of – fiscal and monetary – policies on the global demand and supply are unpredictable in time and space, it appears the requirement to substantiate, develop and put into practice a stabilizing strategy.

Besides the indexes showing the evolution of the demand and supply, the market can offer economic agents other analysis and decision parameters as well, such as: economic and financial instruments for influencing the behaviour of the business environment.Obviously, the results depend also on how the authorities (legislative and executive, central and local) work for a friendly business environment. There are two mechanisms that can be used for this purpose: fiscal policy (measures to enhance or reduce taxes, dues and public spending) initiated by the Government and approved by Parliament; monetary policy (setting the interest rate and the money supply, respectively of the money stock for a specified period of time) emitted and monitored (supervised) by the National Bank.





economic relations; commercial transactions; economic dirigisme; fiscal policy; social economy.

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