A brief overview of the types of ETFs




Exchange-traded fund is a type of exchange-traded product. ETF is a fund that is traded as a typical financial asset. Just like an index fund, ETF represents a basket of assets that reflect popular stock index. ETF traded just like any other company on the stock exchange. By owning ETF investor receives two important advantages – the diversification of index fund plus the flexibility of trading financial assets. There are different types of ETFs. Mainly divided into index, commodity, bond, currency, exchange-traded trusts and leveraged exchange-traded funds.

The article discusses the basics of exchange-traded fund, does a brief history review on the emergence of exchange-traded funds, and provides information on the basic and specific types of exchange-traded funds.

The used scientific tools include:

  • study of scientific literature;
  • study the performance of different markets which operate with exchange-traded funds;
  • meaningful analysis and summary of theoretical and practical applied information.




exchange-traded fund, types of ETFs, financial asset

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26458/1534


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