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country brand, tourism product, research, foreign tourist, tourist circuit


In sustainable development, tourism plays a vital role, with a high contribution in Romania's economic recovery and relaunch. Raising the tourism product of the values enshrined in the corresponding standards and preferences of foreign tourists involves initiating and promoting actions that include, on one hand, workflows education and training of a mentality appropriate current type of development, and on the other hand , emphasizing sustainable development in regions of tourist’s reception. Based on these considerations, this paper aims to determine how the tourism products must be designed from the point of view of marketing, to comply with the principles of sustainability. To this end we analyzed research on consumption of tourist’s services in Romania, made by INSOMAR, and an analysis of the Romanian tourism seen by strangers.

Author Biography

Viorica JELEV, Spiru Haret University

Spiru Haret University, Economic Sciences Faculty, Fabricii Str., 46G nr., 60825, Bucharest, Romania,Tel.+400726986743, Email:


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