Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences


Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences invites for publication in our next issue (July 2024) papers on various topics spanning areas in interdisciplinary studies from social sciences, psychology, neuroscience, health, behavioural and cognitive sciences, to communication, education and humanities, focused on both theoretical and methodological perspectives applied in contemporary research. The papers may investigate (but are not restricted to) themes related to modern life and the human being at the intersection between psychology and technology, at the intersection between science and society, as well as between arts and culture, psychology and quantum physics, psychology and wellbeing, or even methodological approaches to and research studies in spirituality and the impact of spiritual practices on human health; the themes may also be related to research studies in mindfulness and consciousness, the brain and the ego, or self, identity and self-image in today’s world, education challenges, innovations and new research methods in psychology and interdisciplinary studies, or any other themes researched by authors. 

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Submission Deadline 30 April 2024

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