Ioana ANDRONIE, Monica Parvu, Viorel ANDRONIE, Adina CIUREA


Short or long distance of animal transport done often in poor
conditions can affect the welfare and health of animals. The EU and
national legislation in the field introduces more efficient rules to
reducing the animal suffering during transport. The European
Parliament resolution on the protection of animals during transport
showed that current legislation has brought improvements in this area
but it is still far from satisfactory especially in terms of time journey in
relation with travel conditions (means of transport construction,
microclimate, and methods of loading/unloading, supplies of food and
water, stop for watering, feeding and rest).
The purpose of the study was to establish how the application
of EU and national legislation has contributed or not to increase the
animal welfare during transport in our country. This study was based
on answers given by drivers and attendants (n: 840 participants) of
animals involved in transport to some questions in the field. Results
showed that livestock transporters lined to current legislation
requirements thus ensuring the protection and animal welfare. This was
due both to properly equipping vehicles, especially long-term transport,
and training of the drivers and attendants of animals in order to obtain
the certificate of competence.
The lack of knowledge regarding animal welfare during
transport for all those involved in this topic – farmer, stockman, driver

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