V Voicu, N Avram, Veronica Tanasescu, Eugenia Avram, Cristina Dinu, D Cuca, Cristina Toca, Monica Parvu


The mineral status of the cattle hair was assayed in 20 hair samples from pregnant cows and in 20 hair samples from lactating cows from the same farm. Calcium was determined with the complexonometric method; phosphorus was determined with the colorimetric method with ammonium molibdovanadate; magnesium was determined with the colorimetric method with titan yellow. The following values were determined: calcium 177.64± 19.44 mg100g in pregnant cows and 151.86±13.06 mg100g in lactating cows; phosphorus 15.92±3.84 mg100g in pregnant cows and 10.70± 4.24 mg100g in lactating cows; magnesium 47.89±6.32 mg100g in pregnant cows and 40.21±2.08 mg100g in lactating cows. The values for the three minerals were significantly lower in the hair samples from lactating cows than in the hair  samples from the pregnant cows, which shows that these minerals are used intensely during lactation, sometimes exceeding the homeostatic capacity for retention in the skeleton and, implicitly, in the hair.

 Key words: cattle, hair, physiological state

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