Nicolae Avram, V Voicu, Veronica Tanasescu, Eugenia Avram, Cristina Dinu, D Cuca, Cristina Toca, Monica Parvu


In order to elaborate the work technology and establish reference values of some minerals in hair, 50 hair samples were drawn from cows in two farms with best production and reproduction parameters and good sanitary veterinary state. The following parameters were determinated in hair: ash, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, cupper, manganes, zinc. Analyses were performed by colorimetric and complexometric methods. Zinc was determined by spectrophotometry in atomic absorbtion. The following reference values for minerals in cattle hair were established: ash 1000-2600 mg/100g; calcium 100-230 mg/100g; phosphorus 13-19 mg/100g; magnesium 40-85 mg/100g; iron 30-107 ppm; copper 10-18 ppm; manganes 6-40 ppm; zinc 92-120 ppm. The values of mineral in cattle hair were compared and analyzed with those in blood serum (serum mineral prophile).

 Key words: dismineraloses, cattle, hair analyses


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